TrueCarPros, the true car professionals.  We become our client’s personal sales consultant and advocate on any make or model.  Our experience as salesmen, closers, finance managers, and sales managers will benefit our clients tremendously.  We are sure to save you thousands somewhere in your deal total numbers.  We thoroughly

understand retail and lease structures.  We understand how to calculate LTV, and how much advance a lender will loan you based on your credit profile.

We understand how dealers build profit in their deals that contribute to their thousands to millions of profits every month.  We have the same tools dealers have to structure and quote retail and lease payments.  We make sure you are aware of all available rebates, lease cash, customer cash, rate specials. etc.

We will give you exact payments (with no pack or leg) and build in desired back end products (gap, warranty, etc.) of your choice.  Back end products are beneficial (at reasonable cost) but they do not apply to every customer.

TrueCarPros helps select the right protection items for your individual car purchase.  We meet you at the dealership making the car buying process seamless, quick, efficient, easy, and most importantly, fun!  If you need to be picked up, we will assist you in that also.  You certainly have choices and we would be honored and privileged to earn your business.  Be cautious to where you apply giving your personal and private information.  We don’t sell your information as leads to other companies.  We are not a lead source company.


TrueCarPros actually gathers all your information, calls you to introduce ourselves, and then goes over all of your options.  We then formulate a game plan for you.  We go over your entire credit report, and if there are any derogatory accounts, we will gather detailed notes to formulate a good story for the lender.  Lenders are sympathetic to a legitimate past hardships.  Lenders sometimes understand that you were just irresponsible, but now you have turned over a new leaf.  So what are you waiting for…… APPLY NOW!